Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness- With David Treleaven

There is profound healing possible through mindfulness, but we need to be very aware of the mechanism of trauma and the affects of different mindfulness practices. Without adequate understanding of trauma a mindfulness teacher could unwittingly push a student into a sensory awareness that was overly distressing. There is a danger of mindfulness becoming a dissociative practice rather than an embodying and healing one. To mitigate these dangers we need to ­­­­study trauma and stress related disorders. Not only can we get trained in order to be sensitive and skilled with our students, we can learn how to care for our own stress and trauma. We all have vicarious stress and trauma from teaching, as well as the scrapes and bruises we collected on our own journeys to adulthood. In expanding the capacity to care for ourselves our hearts stretch open and gain the emotional navigation skills to support students in the landscape of their own hearts.

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